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Weight Management
Ask yourself - Are you looking to speed up your metabolism & shed those unwanted
pounds? Are you interested in losing up to 35 pounds in 12 weeks by following a simple weight loss plan? Are you interested in a program that will get you results where other weight loss programs have failed?

Benefits of the Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program:
1. Exclusive use of our natural, patented serotonin supplement that reduces carbohydrate cravings
2. Dietary plan based on "real food"; not the injections/shakes/bars/prepackaged foods that have no chance of long-term success
3. Safe use of a prescription appetite suppressant that will speed up your metabolism
4. Weekly visits to instill life-style changes & offer support

Our patients are getting results & we are happy to share their comments with you:

"I chose the program because of the confidence I had in my doctor. I felt that anything she recommended would not only work but not be detrimental to my health. I had been trying to lose weight for months and was unsuccessful even though I watched what I ate and exercised. This program allowed me to really focus on the eating choices I made and the Serotonin made cutting sugar and carbs easier. It is still a challenge doing this as the medicines don't take away all the desire to eat but it does help. My eating habits adjusted over time in the program and I feel confident that I will be able to maintain the weight I am at. I lost 31 pounds but more importantly I have less knee pain than before, have decreased my run time significantly and my body looks and feels strong. The program was very successful for me and I have recommended it to friends and family."

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