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At our practice, we believe that a healthy outside starts on the inside - but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve the health and radiance of your skin & hair with quality products - especially with holistic products backed by science.

Dr. Bess has partnered with Neora to offer an incredible line of anti-aging skincare, haircare & wellness products designed with your concerns in mind. Best of all, every single Neora product is made with plant-based ingredients, meaning there’s never a concern of harsh chemicals sneaking into your routine. Neora’s skincare products are designed to improve a wide variety of concern from fine lines to wrinkles, dark circles, cellulite and more. The new ProLuxe™ Hair Care System is formulated to revitalize your hair from the scalp to the very ends, helping to re-bond and strengthen while improving your hair’s radiance, softness, volume, bounce and manageability. It even works to restore your hair’s natural hair pigment, reducing the amount of grey hair. Neora’s wellness products help you feel your best by providing scientifically advanced nutritional ingredients that work to promote cognitive function, support the body’s ability to maintain and repair itself, and contribute directly to your overall health and wellbeing. Learn about these innovative solutions that help you get a good night’s sleep, maintain robust energy levels, support your immune system and assist in balancing healthy bacteria in your gut. Simply put, these products will help you look better and feel better! Find out how you can start turning back the clock on aging.

Ready to learn how Neora products can help transform your skin & well-being? We’d love to speak with you and devise a custom skincare plan that meets your unique needs. Contact us today to get started. We would love to have you demo the wonderful under-eye serum during your next visit to our office.

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