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Doctor's Visit

Prescription Refills


In order for refill requests to be considered, your last visit with Dr. Bess had to occur within the past 12 months. We understand that due to scheduling, your prescription may expire before your appointment with the new provider. We will provide a one-time extension of your prescription for enough medication until your next visit. Submit your request via e-mail.


If you require a refill on a current medication, please call your pharmacy first to check if you have any refills remaining on your prescription. If not, ask your pharmacist to fax a prescription refill request to our office. Calling our office instead of calling your pharmacy first will delay the refill process.

Please allow 48-72 hours for all prescription refills. We are unable to respond to emergency requests. Contact your primary care provider or an urgent care facility if you have immediate needs. It is helpful to anticipate your refill needs to avoid an interruption in your medication therapy. Please do not wait until you are out of your medication to contact your pharmacy for a refill.

Filling Prescription